Whether I come and see you, 
or else be absent, I may hear of 
your affairs, that ye stand fast in 
one spirit, with one mind striving 
together for the faith of the gospel.
(Philippians 1:27b)

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January 2010

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     Keeping In Touch
was first published in May 1997.  While our presentation has changed drastically from then to the more professional magazine it is today, the purpose behind what we do has remained the same.  Whether you have just come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or you desire to walk in a greater fullness with Him, the intent of Keeping In Touch is to encourage you in your relationship with the Lord.  Every month we publish messages, testimonies, and encouraging articles to inspire and deepen your walk with the Lord.

The importance of bringing the Gospel message to children was impressed upon our hearts, and we began publishing Keeping In Touch for Kids in March 2005.  Our desire is to bring forth lessons in a fun and encouraging way that will help kids retain the important truths that each lesson contains.

In the troubling times we live in, we want you to know that there is a Hope that goes beyond what is happening in the world today.  That Hope is Jesus Christ and He desires to have a relationship with you.  We pray that everything we publish would point you to Him, for it is not of ourselves that we write, but it is for His glory alone.  May God bless you as you follow on to know Him!



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